The Framework
Following a process is how we are able to stay on track, and help up move through the project seamlessly, keeping our momentum always moving forward.

01 Learn Research, observe, understand user needs
02 Define Identity goals, objectives and challenges
03 Ideate Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorms
04 Design Make, create and build
05 Test Evaluating real user feedback, validation 
While we did our research, we also did a competitive analysis to learn about strengths and weaknesses of other products on the market.​​​​​​​
Google survey
We created a google survey to learn what consumers 
1:1 Interview
We defined who our users are based on information we gathered from our surveys. It's important to get information about the needs and experiences of our users.
Flows are paths a user will follow in order to complete a task.
Hand-drawn sketches
Where we make, create and build. We enter a loop to welcome feedback, test, and validate our ideas.
Wireframe prototype testing
I looked at color theory for inspiration in this project. I wanted to convey a feeling of calmness for something that many users considered chaotic.
Design System
Homepage + Product Detail Page
The homepage

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