🌟 Hiii, I'm Sylvia 🌟 
Dog Mom | Senior Product Designer

Hey there! I'm Sylvia, a seasoned product designer with a passion for crafting delightful experiences. When I'm not immersed in pixels and prototypes, you'll find me doting on my two fur babies, Clove and Fig – they're my world! 🐾 I've got a soft spot for design, from sleek architecture to the mesmerizing rhythm of ocean tides. Beach days and park picnics are my idea of bliss, and I'm always up for exploring new eateries, seeking out hidden culinary gems wherever I go.
Music is my muse, and there's nothing quite like the electrifying energy of a metal show, where the raw power of sound fills the air and pulses through your veins. As a proud neurodivergent individual, I bring a unique perspective to everything I do. Traveling is my ultimate adventure, though I'll always have a piece of Miami in my heart, even as I've made the vibrant streets of LA my home for the past three years.
Vintage cars and majestic whales hold a special place in my eclectic interests, each representing a timeless beauty and a sense of wonder that inspires me daily. When I'm not at my desk or at a show, you might catch me at a Pilates class, on the tennis court, or enjoying a hot girl walk. Pool days are also a must for unwinding and soaking up the California sun. Let's connect and share stories – whether it's about design, dogs, or the magic of the ocean, I'm all ears!
Design services for UX, Digital Product Design, UI, branding. Crafting data-driven experiences that are thoughtful, intuitive, and human-centered that delight people. I also specialize in graphic design, information design, infographics, presentation design, and digital illustration.
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